Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance – Protect the unexpected

Discover why you should consider this type of insurance for both yourself & your business by reading our newly produced Managing Risk Bulletin:

Private Medical Insurance

As is the case with all insurance, not having Private Medical Insurance in place could cost you. Hip & Knee replacements can cost upwards of £10,000. As well as covering these expenses, it provides you & your company with extensive benefits including but by no means limited to:

  • Speed of access to diagnostics and treatment
  • Access to private specialists, private hospitals and other facilities
  • Reduction in staff absences – helping to get staff back to work faster
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Motor Trade Risk Management

Together with Aviva, Sentinel Corporate Risk have produced a new risk management bulletin covering all aspects of protecting your motor trade business, including how to prevent vehicle cyber threats; something you may not be aware of.

Vehicle Cyber threats are becoming increasingly more common & stealing a vehicle in this way is surprisingly easy. Luckily, so is taking the right course of action to prevent such thefts. Read our joint risk management bulletin & see how your business might be at threat and how to protect it.

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Manufacturing Risk Management

From slips & trips to the control of combustible waste, in conjunction with Aviva, Sentinel Corporate Risk provide you with information on how to properly insure your manufacturing business, avoid incidents and keep your workforce safe through our new co-produced Manufacturing Risk Management bulletin.

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Stay safe this Summer

From Social media advise whilst abroad to making sure your BBQ goes to plan, Sentinel have teamed up with Aviva to bring you some top tips on how to stay safe & ensure you don’t have a summer to forget.

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Cyber Risks and Insurance

Cyber risk now represents so much more than simply the theft of data. Companies are exposed to potentially massive cyber-related business interruption risks, reputational damage, physical damage, telephone hacking and extortion.

  • Cyber related losses are now the largest recorded offence in the UK, overtaking physical crime. Data is now more valuable than physical assets
  • The average cost of a cyber-breach for a small business is estimated at £115,000 and £1.15 million for a large organisation with these average costs having doubled since 2013
  • Some 81% of large businesses and 60% of small businesses in the UK suffered a cyber-security breach in 2014/15
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