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At Sentinel, our cover and insurers go above the call of duty for many of our clients. Read our client cover stories below for more information.

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Vehicle Theft and Printer Damage

A printing and exhibition equipment supplier client of Sentinel was attending an exhibition in London when their van was stolen when parked overnight from a secure exhibition venue. The van was crucial to the operation of the printing firm for the delivery of customer goods and Sentinel were able to negotiate with Motor Fleet Insurers for a claims payment to be made to the client within 12 working days, minimising the interruption to the client’s business. The claim for the contents of the van was settled shortly afterwards also.

The same client later in the year suffered an ingress of water to their premises following torrential rain. The rain water damaged our client’s most important printer and, unfortunately, the printer was beyond economic repair. A cash settlement was agreed for over £45,000 which was paid to our client within 9 working days.

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Urgent Insurance Cover Needed

An airport parking facility client of Sentinel urgently required cover to operate at an additional airport location.

Once contact was made by our client to Sentinel, we immediately picked up the phone to the client’s existing Car Jockey insurer and arranged additional cover, which allowed our client to operate from this location the following day.

Bespoke Jewellery Manufactured

A long standing private client lost an earring from a pair which they had purchased some years earlier. The earrings had great sentimental value to the client.

Sentinel had placed the client’s home insurance with a specialist high-value home insurer. Following submission of a claim to the insurer, Sentinel agreed a solution with the insurer that their approved high-quality jeweller designed and manufactured a replacement earring to re-complete the pair.

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Specialist Cover Arranged

A rapidly expanding client in the telecommunications sector sought a significant raise of capital on AIM with part of the proceeds being utilised to finance the acquisition of another entity.

Sentinel Corporate Risk negotiated and arranged a specialist Public Offering of Securities (POSI) coverage to cover the exposures arising out of the raise. Our experience in this sector enabled us to provide a significant limit of indemnity, utilising a number of ‘A’ Rated insurers, at a competitive cost.

Sentinel also identified a credible and experienced Warranty and Indemnity Insurer who were able to provide coverage for the exposures which arose from the acquisition of the third party. The premium was achieved within the client’s budget and the policy allowed the client to proceed with the acquisition with peace of mind; the final policy documentation being signed and issued by the insurer at 3am once final completion negotiations had concluded.