sen·ti·nel  [sen-tn-l]


  1. a person, such as a sentry, employed to keep watch for some anticipated event
  2. to guard as a sentinel
  3. to post as a sentinel
  4. to provide with a sentinel


1570–80; < Middle French sentinelle < Italian sentinella, derivative of Old Italian sentina vigilance (Latin sent (īre) to observe) + -īna-ine)


In 2012 when Sentinel Corporate Risk was formed, we did so on the basis that everything we did was centred on making sure our clients and their businesses were protected from the many hazards or risks that the world presents on a daily basis.

Today’s world isn’t straightforward or simple. Threats to the success of your business and your lifestyle can arise from anywhere. However, we’re here to help navigate you through any potential storms but also to advise you on preventative measures that will safeguard your business or you and your family.

With offices in Lancashire, we operate across the North West providing advice and guidance to private and corporate clients, helping them protect their lifestyle, their business and their families.

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